At After-Hours Coders, we offer expert Epic Consulting services for your business, based off our years of experience. Combined with our SQL Server Database Administration Services, we can successfully implement, maintain and enhance your Epic Clarity and Cogito Data Warehouse environments.

Epic Clarity

Clarity, which is part of Epic's Cogito ergo sum Enterprise Intelligence suite, extracts data from an Epic production server and stores it in a relational database on a separate, dedicated reporting server.

We are Certified Epic Clarity ETL Administrators and have years of experience implementing and maintaining Clarity executions and Environments.

Software Remote/Local? Services
Epic Clarity
ETL Administrator
  • Any ETL(Extract Transform Load) activities.
  • Installing, Implement and test complete Clarity environments (i.e., console, Compass, hyperspace, database, configuration of Epic tools).
  • Create and schedule Clarity ETL extracts to meet requirements dependent databases and Crystal reporting.
  • Resolve issues, such as error messages (Warnings and Errors), load failures, data and table issues, KB-SQL problems, to deliver accurate data.
  • Design Clarity environments and ETL solutions for release and version upgrades.
  • Build custom Clarity ETL solutions to satisfy data requirements outside of the standard Clarity ETL extracts.
  • Compatible for Oracle or SQL Server.

Epic Cogito Data Warehouse

The Cogito Data Warehouse (CDW) is a Central Data Warehouse with a dimensional Model for Reporting that can combine Epic and external data, using ETL packages to populate from Epic Clarity or external data sources.

We are Epic Certified Cogito Data Warehouse Administrators and veterans of three environment installations, and four different versions. We are experts with the Cogito Data Warehouse and will optimize your databases and make backfill and the ETL nightly executions complete as quickly as possible. Depending on the size of your Clarity we can get you production ready in a month. If you are having performance issues, we can improve efficiencies in a week or less.

Software Remote/Local? Services
Epic Cogito Data Warehouse
  • Installation and upgrades of the Cogito Data Warehouse.
  • Configuring CDW server environments and making the environments most efficient.
  • Enhance the Cogito Data Warehouse Dimensional Data Model to have data readily available for reporting.
  • Implement executions and backfilling Epic Data from Epic Clarity
  • Creation of SSIS packages to import Non-Epic data for patients and providers into the Cogito Data Warehouse.
  • Install and configure custom components for matching data within the Cogito Data Warehouse.
  • Configuring the Data Warehouse application, the CDW server environments and providing solutions to inefficiencies.
  • Build reports based off the Cogito Data Warehouse dimensional model.
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